Little Shop of Horrors 2018

Dates: 21, 22 and 23 June 2016. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
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New Recordings, Scripts, Lyrics

Individual songs available here, along with the script for the play and lyrics to the songs. The script has been modified to match the Hurlstone version
Full recordings and other things are available on request.
Usually this will be only be made available to cast members and their friends/family.


A lovesick hero. A plant with an insatiable hunger for world domination. When Seymour, an orphan working at a run-down florist discovers a Venus Flytrap, he names the carnivorous creature "Audrey II" After his crush Audrey. The strange plant promises Seymour a lifetime of fame and fortune as long as he continues to fulfil its animalistic cravings. Suddenly, Seymour finds himself caught in the plant's demanding nature and unknowingly part of his own demise. Will Seyour win over Audrey's heart? Or will he fall into the endless trap of mortal greed?

Musical Numbers

Act 1

0A Prologue
01 Little Shop of Horrors
01A Tick Tocks
02 Skid Row (Downtown)
02A Skid Row - Playoff
03 Da Doo
03A One Strange and Interesting Plant
04 Grow for Me
04A WSKID Radio Jingle
05 Ya Never Know
06 Somewhere That's Green
07 Closed for Renovation
07A Orin's Play-On
08 Be A Dentist
08A Orin's Playoff
09 Mushnik and Son
09A Sudden Changes
10 Git It (Feed Me)
10A Dentist Chair Play-On
11 Now (It's Just the Gas)
11A Act 1 Finale

Act 2

11B Entr'acte
12 Call Back In The Morning
13 Suddenly Seymour
14 Suppertime
15 The Meek Shall Inherit
15A Thunder and Lightning
15B Seymour Plots
16 Sominex/Suppertime II - Reprise
17 Somewhere That's Green - Reprise
17A Death of Audrey
17B Death of Seymour
18 Finale
19 Bows

Production Team

Producer: Melissa Myles and Wendy Wuhrer
Directors Melissa Myles
Musical Director: Wendy Wuhrer
Choreographer: Samantha Elderton
Stage Manager: Roxanne West
Sound and Lighting Manager: Robert Craig
Hair and Make-up Manager: Elyse Chrichton
Stage and Costume Design: Melissa Myles
Set Design Managers: Jo Ross, Melvy Connell, Matthew Musico
Publicity: Melvy Connell
Orchestra Tutor: Glenn Armitage
Vocal Tutors: Glenn Armitage and Wendy Wuhrer
Back Stage Manager: Erin Blake
Program: Erika Dayaganon
Front of House Manager: Glenn Armitage

Cast and Roles

Seymour: Lynuel Fabella (Year 9)
Audrey: Nicole Alcantara (Year 11)
Crystal: Rebecca Gatland, Susan Nguyen
Chiffon: Nireeksha Bhat, Celine El-Zakhem
Ronnette: Zahra Huda, Chloe Lu, Riva Manter
Mrs Mushnik: Kira Wilson
Mr Mushnik: Patrick Benci
Orin Scrivello: Daniel Huynh
Audrey II: Jessica Liu, Lameah Nayeem
Narrator: Antriksh Dhand
Bernstein: Antriksh Dhand
Snip: Adam Nguyen
Luce: Hannah Yin
Interviewer: Carmen Ng
P. Martin: Gunni Kapur
Puppeteers: Antriksh Dhand, Rupert Fuelling, Daniel Huynh, Ashley Taylor Jones

Stage Crew

Tom Cummings, Anthony Donoghoe, Hunter McCauliffe, Adam Phillips, Ashley Taylor Jones

Sound and Lighting

Lighting: Noah Simpson
Vision: Riley Macnamara
Sound: Jeremy Donoghoe
Wireless Mic. Manager: Francesco Ierano
Backstage Tech: William Dransfield
Runner: Alfred Tan


Jared Almario, Vanessa Dang, Tharuki Gangodage, Sahana Ganjigunte, Minh Ha, Afsheen Hossain, Rhucha Joglekar, Brandon Lam, Kylin Lu, Jessica McAleer, Kasey Nguyen, An Nguyen, Riya Rao, Zoe Ray, Hiya Shah, Insha Siddiqui, Eesha Sonje, Joyce Tang, Lauren Tien, Aivy Tran, Alexander Tran, Anthony Tran, Martin Tran, Aimy Trang, Katerina Trung, Eric Vu, Katherine Vu, Hannah Wu, Annie Yang, Titus Zhao


Marianne Abzack, Naifah Alam, Jeremy Ang, Rico Aranzamendez, Ayaan Asif, Michael Banh, Dylan Bay, Melih Brassil, Justin Bromley, Jonathan Bui, Alexis Casey, Lucy Chen, Mabel Chen, Nicolai Chen, Nicolas Chen, Rachel Chhoeu, Anavi Chowdhury, Lucy Colville, Krishna Dasari, Milith Dheeraskekara, John Flowers, Nadia Gunn, Tina Huang, Ramola Jayaraj, Nevin Johnson, Cole Jordan, Abby Jordan, Varun Kanagasabapathi, Kanav Kaushik, Alavi Khan, Lillian Kopschewa, Adeline Lam, Zachary Lam, Harry Lan, Annabel Lau, Kai Lavers, Joanna Leglise, Kaylen Lim, Nelson Lin, Natasha Ly, Claire Lyou, Alexia Magsino, Tainan Marchese, Elizabeth Meiklejohn, Suvarn Moodley, Agnes Muthalakuzkiyil, Katherine Muy, Sylvia Nanziri, Lachlan Nguyen, Jolanda Nguyen, Jayden Nguyen, Sibusiso Nkomo, Sienna O'Dea, Mayowa Oeykan, Angela Pidgeon, Dunik Rajapakse, Shalini Rao, Indiana Ri, Catherine Rong, Rishon Shery, Resandu Silva, Francesca Smith, Sugar Su