Little Shop of Horrors (HAHS 2018)

Note: Sometimes, two pieces are put into the one file, as they are direct segues of each other.
Where brackets are used, this is to indicate non-singing portions of the show.

Act 1

Name of piece Audio
0A Prologue
01 Little Shop of Horrors
01A Tick Tocks
02 Skid Row (Downtown)
02A Skid Row Playoff
03 Da-Doo
(03) Fifty Dollars Worth of Roses
03A One Strange and Interesting Plant
03(B) Going for Dinner
04 Grow for me
04A WSKID Radio Jingle
05 Ya Never Know
05(B) Am I Late?
06 Somewhere That's Green
07 Closed For Rennovation
(07) Mrs Shiva
07A Orin's Play-on
08 Be a dentist
08A Orin's Playoff
09 Mushnik and Son
09A Sudden Changes
10 Git It
10A Dentist Chair Play On
(10B) Nangs
11 Now (It's just the gas)
11A Act 1 Finale

Act 2

Name of piece Audio
11B Entracte
12 Call Back in the Morning
13 Suddenly Seymour
15 The Meek Shall Inherit
15A Thunder and Lightning
15B Seymour Plots
16 Sominex / Suppertime Reprise
17 Somewhere That's Green Reprise
17A Death of Audrey
(17A) P Martin
17B Death of Seymour
18 Finale / Don't feed the plants