Wizard of Oz 2016

Dates: 23, 24 and 25 June 2016. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
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Act 1 (47.7 MB)

Act 2 (47.4 MB)


When Dorothy Gale from Kansas encounters a twister, she ends up in a magical land called Oz. In order to get home, she must journey to the Emerald City to meet the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. Along the way, Dorothy makes friends, but must avoid the wicked witch of the West, who wants revenge for the death of her sister. Will Dorothy ever get back to Kansas?

Musical Numbers

Act 1

Over the Rainbow
The Cyclone
Munchkin Musical Sequence
Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!
Yellow Brick Road
If I only had a Brain
We're Off to See the Wizard
If I only Had a Heart
Lions, Tigers and Bears
If I Only had the Nerve

Act 2

The Merry Old Land of Oz
If I were King of the Forest
March of the Winkies
Winkies March with Friends & Over the Rainbow
Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!

Production Team

Producer: Sandra Gutesa
Student Directors: Nicole Baxter and Abirami Kandasamy
Musical Director: Wendy Wuhrer
Choreographer: Nicole Baxter, Octavia Chandler and Angela Pigeon
Art Design Manager: Jo Ross
Costume Manager: Christine Castle
Hair and Make-up Manager: Elyse Chrichton
Orchestray Tutor: Glenn Armitage
Properties: Margo Gabsi
Sound and Lighting Manager: Robert Craig
Stage Crew Manager: Roxanne West
Stage Design and Construction: Darren Payne
Back Stage Manager: Erin Blake


Dorothy: Tayte Brown
Hunk/Scarecrow: Addam Dinh
Hickory/Tinman: Amanda Ong
Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch: Elizabeth Meiklejohn
Professor Marvel/Oz: Sienna O'Dea
Zeke/Cowardly Lion: Lusia Pikula
Aunt Em/Glinda: Labiba Rahman
Uncle Henry/Guard: Cassie Bush
Toto Voice: Michael Webb
Chorus: Nicole Alcantara, Claire Balcombe, Nicole Baxter, Georgia Biaginni, Octavia Chandler, Rebecca Gatland, Daniel Huynh, Gunni Kapur, Monica Lim, Sylvia Nanziri, Kristina Petkocich, Angela Pigeon, Amelie Rich and Kira Wilson

Stage Crew

Ainsley Barron, Millie Bonnici, Tamara Robertson, Jasmine Stewart, Tuong Anh Chu, Saben Vaai, Terence Tran, Kylie Chen

Sound and Lighting

Camera: Tristan Oesch
Lighting Design: Callum Pull
Live video/Projection: Michael Webb
Mic. Manager: Luke Whale
Mic. Assistant: James Bush
Sound Design: Wesley Honey


Jeremy Ang, Dinuk Anthony, Rico Aranzamendez, Ayaan Asif, Michael Band, Dylan Bay, Justin Bromley, Katherine Cai, Cathy Cam, Alexis Casey, Lucy Chen, Mabel Chen, Nicolas Chen, Rachel Chhoeu, Dan-Tam Chu, Samuel Cordeiro, Anurag Dhar, Anna Dinh, Cassandra Dransfield, Harry Fuelling, Nadia Gunn, Carl Hiramanek, Zahra Huda, Abby Jordan, Adeline Lam, Jonathan Lam, Harry Lan, Kai Lavers, Johanna Leglise, Olivia Li, Kaylen Lim, Nelson Lim, Angela Liu, Claire Lyou, Alexia Magsino, Gwen Ngo, Jayden Nguyen, Martin Nguyen, Yvette Nguyen, Tassica Paotrakul, Blaise Paradeza, Alyssa Pham, Manisha Prakash, Indiana Ri, Catherine Rong, Rupkanthan Roy, Andrew Smedley, Francesca Smith, Sugur Su, Eesha Sonjay, Tiffany Tan, Aivy Tran, Alexander Tran, Martin Tran, Fifi-An Tran, Natasha Truong, Malavika Vijayakrishnan, Annie Yang, Justin Webster, Titus Zhao