Rally round, girls, to acclaim her,
For our heritage proclaim her;
Loudly, proudly, let us name her - 
Sydney Girls High School!
Toiling cannot tire us, we have hope to fire us,
Day by day, in work or play,
With "Labour Omnia Vincit" to inspire us.
Never slacken our endeavour,
Do not think this bond can sever,~
Flourish now and flourish ever!
Sydney Girls High School

Famous old girls here returning,
Show the light of their discerning,
Honouring now this place of learning - 
Sydney Girls High School.

Toiling cannot tire them, they have hope to fire them.
Day by day, in every way,
With "Labor Omnia Vincit" to inspire them.
Echoes from the past are ringing,
Youth is brief and time is winging,
Past and present join in singing:
"Sydney Girls High School".