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Hello I am Jonathan Lam. Maybe you'll be interested in some of these things...

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Hurlstone related stuff The majority of the stuff on this page is related to Hurlstone.
HAHS Timetable - this used to countdown to the bell within one second. Since I left, I have not updated this or calibrated this
Graph showing Hurlstone's HSC ranking
Lyrics to "12 Days of Hurlstone Christmas"
A map of the school, showing classrooms (may be outdated due to recent construction work)
NewA Google Street View style tour of the school
HAHS orchestra events, tours, and musicals
HAHS School Song - parts for orchestra
Some Old Stuff (made obsolete)

Archive info
Archive of newsletters and other letters
Archive of Annual School Reports
History of Hurlstone Prefects
History of Hurlstone's Musicals
History of Hurlstone's Interact Execs
History of Hurlstone's Enviro Execs

Other things
music stuff
List of (usually maths) publications
Articles about Selective Schools
SGHS - Limited information on SGHS. School song. Graph showing the school ranking
Ruse - Limited information on JRAHS
Uni Timetable Old timetables: 2018s1