What is this?

Not used to the new timetable? Can't remember what class you have next?

Can't remember what class you have next? Are you not used to the new timetable? Then this is for you!

HAHS Timetable is a project that tells you when the bell rings

You'll never have to memorise your timetable again! Perfect when you're just waiting for the lesson to end (or waiting for school to start).

Why did you make this?

The new timetable being implemented in 2015 is rather strange. I have been used to the current timetable for so long, so adjusting will be rather difficult. Hence this timer was made.

How do I set up my timetable

The site allows you to actually tell you what class (+ room) you have next, instead of just what period it is.

Tick the "use timetable" box

Press "Add Subject" and type in all the classes you have.

Click on boxes and fill in your timetable!

Note: this feature will only be useful next year. The current 6-day timetable has not been implemented yet.


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